The San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe, located in Tuba City, Arizona, is seeking to hire a Tribal Secretary to work

under the direction of the Tribal Administrator and/or in his absence the Tribal President and/or Vice-President.

This person shall provide typical professional-level administrative support including copying, printing, scanning,

assembling of Tribal documents and communications. Make arrangements for all Council Meetings, and work

sessions, including working with the Tribal General Counsel to prepare agendas and resolutions, finalize and

distribute meeting packets, attend all Council Meetings and take meeting minutes.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Manage mostly business-related tasks for the Tribal Administration such as creating administration

documents, organizing travel and accommodation, transcribing, and other organizational tasks.

• Finalize and distribute meeting packets for each regular and special meeting of the Tribal Council.

• Arrange for and attend all regular and special Council Meetings, take meeting minutes, implement tasks

necessary to enforce resolutions and directives as and/or directed.

• Maintenance of Tribal Records filing system including Tribal Council minutes, Tribal Council resolutions,

Tribal Council correspondence and general Tribal administrative records.

• Communicate with Tribal consultants, contractors, and other Tribal representatives to answer questions

and provide documents as needed and directed.

• Attend to correspondence to and/or from Tribal Members, including but not limited to correspondence

requesting information related to Tribal Assistance Programs, Enrollment Applications, per capita

payments, food distributions and other Tribal business.

• Answering phones and routing calls to the correct person or taking messages.

• Respect, uphold and maintain complete confidentiality of all information and discussions regarding

documents, programs, departments, and/or all other aspects of Tribal business and administration.

• Any other assignments as directed by the Tribal Administrator and/or Tribal Council.

Qualifications and Skills

• Education: High School Graduate; Two (2) years of college, preferred.

• One (1) year of experience as a secretary, executive or administration assistant, preferably with a Tribal

Government or Tribal Government entity.

• Must have a background maintaining confidentiality of program or governmental activities.

• Maintain a business like relationship with other administration staff members, Council Members, Tribal

Members and Tribal consultants, contractors or representatives from outside agencies or organizations.

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