Tribal Administration

The San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe

About the Tribal Council Administration

The Tribal Administration is responsible for overseeing the administration of the Tribe’s day to day operations. The Tribal Administration consists of the President and Vice-President of the Tribal Council, and other persons deemed necessary by the Tribal Council. The Tribal Administration may include Tribal employees and Tribal contractors who are appointed by the Tribe to assist in carrying out these duties. Individuals may be assigned to carry out the tasks of more than one position as needed.

Meet the Tribal Administration”

San Juan Southern Paiute
Tribal Council Administration

The Tribal Administration San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe.

Robbin Preston Jr.
Office: (928) 212-9794 
Email: r.prestonjr@sanjuanpaiute-nsn.gov
Johnny Lehi Jr.
Vice President
Office: (928) 212-9794 
Email: j.lehijr@sanjuanpaiute-nsn.gov
Cheryl Begay
Tribal Administrator
Office: (928) 212-9794 
Email: c.begay@sanjuanpaiute-nsn.gov
Daphine Atene
Enrollment Officer
Office: (928) 212-9794 
Email: d.atene.en@sanjuanpaiute-nsn.gov
Keenan Barlow
Tribal secretary
Office: (928) 212-9794 
Email: k.barlow@sanjuanpaiute-nsn.gov
Jacquelyn Sumatzkuku
Office: (928) 212-9794 
Email: j.sumatzkuku@sanjuanpaiute-nsn.gov
Tulley Blackhat
Office: (928) 212-9794 
Email: t.blackhat@sanjuanpaiute-nsn.gov