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Tribal Court Mailing Address

Attn: Kalka, 7760 E. State Road 69 Suite C5-224, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314



Article VI the Tribal Constitution establishes the Tribal Court system of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe. Currently, the Tribal Court System consists of a Tribal Court and a Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals is the highest court within the Tribal Court System.

The judicial power of the Tribal Courts extends to all cases and controversies within the jurisdiction of the Tribe, in law or equity, arising under the Tribal Constitution, the laws or customs of the Tribe, or which are vested in the Tribal Courts by federal law or by virtue of the Tribe’s inherent sovereignty. Any case or controversy arising within the jurisdiction of the Tribe must be filed in Tribal Court or other appropriate forum established by the Tribal Council before it is filed in any other court.

Meet the tribal Court

Tribal Judges

Tribal Court System Judges are appointed to four (4) year terms.

Hon. Kristina M. Kalka
Tribal Court Judge all matters
Term of Office:
9/7/18 – 9/6/22
Hon. Thomas E. Weathers
Appellate Judge (all matters)
Term of Office:
2/20/19 – 2/19/23
Meet the tribal Court clerk

Tribal Court Clerk and Communications

Eileen Dorcey
Tribal Court Clerk
Email | Tribal Court
Email | Appellate Court
Mailing Address
Attn: Kalka
7760 E. State Road 69
Suite C5-224
Prescott Valley, AZ



Matters filed in the Tribal Court System must follow the proper rules and procedure to be heard. The Tribal Courts have rules, forms and instructions that should be used to file and process cases which are available on this website or upon request to the Tribal Court Clerk.

The Rules of Court can be found in Title 5, Chapter 3 of the Law & Order Code. Please note that Rules of Court, forms and instructions continue to be developed and will be added to the website as they are adopted.Filing of Cases or Appeals

*Note that some matters may have deadlines for filing a case or appeal. The Constitution and the Tribal Law & Order Code provide the deadlines for filing a case or appeal in the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribal Courts. Forms with filing information are provided below to assist in filing cases or appeals.

Official Court Froms

San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe Official Court Forms

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Important! Please Read.

The forms members can access online will have to be signed in front of a notary.

Important! Please Read.

The forms members can access online will have to be signed in front of a notary.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE NOTARY ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM When to use: The Notary Acknowledgement Form is a generic form that may be used by an Arizona Notary Public to notarize a document. A court may require a notarized signature to verify the identity of the person signing a document before it is presented to the court. How to use: Do not sign the form or document you want to have notarized. You will sign in the presence of the notary. Bring the document