Job Title: Health Department  Director

Location: San Juan Southern  Paiute Tribe Administration Office, Tuba City, Arizona

Level/Salary   Range: $60,000 –  75,000 DOE

HR Contact:  Jack Conovaloff,  Tribal Administrator

Date Opened: _September 6th_, 2019; Open Until  Filled


Job   Description

The San Juan  Southern Paiute Tribe is seeking a Health Department Director to develop and  expand its newly established Health Department pursuant to a contract with  the Indian Health Service under the Indian Self-Determination and Education  Assistance Act. The  Health Department Director will lead the Department in carrying out its  mission to promote the health, safety, and welfare of Tribal members. The  Director will be responsible for the oversight and management of all Health  Department operations and programs and will be the immediate supervisor to  all Health Department staff, to initially include an Administrative  Assistant, Community Health Representative, Community Health Educator,  Community Health Education Assistant, and Alcohol/Substance Abuse Program  Administrator. The Tribe's IHS authorized service area includes Coconino  County, Arizona and San Juan County, Utah. The ideal candidate for this position must have an organizational  vision for the Health Department’s development, a passion for public service,  expert knowledge of tribal healthcare delivery systems, and the ability to  lead the Department in accordance with tribal history, culture, and  traditions.

Responsibilities and Duties

Essential Duties:

  • Re-establish and  maintain the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe Health Department to provide  health and wellness services to approximately 300 Tribal members and their  families within the service area on a multi-year and continuing basis
  • Plan programs and  services of the Health Department and direct all Department activities
  • Ensure  compliance with applicable statutes and regulations
  • Oversee  Health Department facilities that meet quality of care requirements
  • Support  the overall mission of the Tribe to provide quality health and wellness  services for Tribal Members.

Leadership, Managerial, and Public  Relations Duties:

  • Supervise all Health  Department Staff; provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development  of staff and promotes cooperation and teamwork
  • Oversee management  of the following initial Health Department Sub-Programs: Community Health  Representative Program, Health Education Program, Alcohol/Substance Abuse  Program, and Fitness Center
  • Identify hiring  needs for additional program staff as funding allows in accordance with the  demand and needs of Tribal members
  • Represent  the Tribe in a professional manner to other tribal, local, and state level  health agencies
  • Support  the Community Health Education Assistant to regularly communicate information  regarding public health and the services offered by the Health Department to  the public through publications, meetings, and the media

Business,  Finances, and Data Management Duties:

  • Collect  data and information about the evolving health needs of Tribal members and  adapt existing programs accordingly
  • Oversee  budget and financial management of Department and maintain financial  reporting systems that provide an accurate depiction of the financial status  of the Department
  • Review  and evaluate Department progress using measurable metrics to ensure high  quality, effective, and cost-efficient health services
  • Provide  administrative oversight of the Health Department; establish Department’s  administrative policies and procedures
  • Seeks  funding from diversified sources
  • Occasional  travel may be required.


Qualifications and Skills

  • Expert  knowledge of Indian health policies and regulations
  • Experience  working with Tribal governments or Tribal organizations in planning,  directing, and evaluating comprehensive public health programs or other  healthcare delivery systems
  • Supervisory  experience that demonstrates a level of senior executive management  capabilities
  • The  ability to effectively lead a team toward meeting the Health Department’s  vision, mission, and goals
  • Skills  in grant writing, administration, and oversight
  • A  working knowledge of the principles and practices of financial and managerial  accounting; the ability to manage financial resources strategically and with  integrity
  • A  demonstrated knowledge of information technology and data management
  • A  working knowledge of computer software application, including word  processing, spreadsheets, databases, and medical records
  • The  ability to build relationships and coalitions with other Tribes, Federal  agencies, State and local governments, nonprofit and private sector  organizations, and internal organizations to achieve common goals.
  • The  ability to bring about strategic change to meet Department goals

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in health, social services, or a  related field or in business or public administration
  • At least 2 years work experience in health care  administration including tribal health care systems

Background Check: Hire is subject to successful  completion of a background check.

Hiring  Preference: The Tribe  is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants who are enrolled members of the  Tribe and who meet the necessary qualifications for this position will be  given preference in hiring and employment for this position and applicants  who are enrolled members of any other tribe who meet the necessary  qualifications will be given secondary preference.


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