Due to COVID-19, the Election Board implements the following rules for

the safety of all tribal members:

  • The Special Election will be a drive-up event. This means that eligible voters may drive up to the polling place, receive a ballot to fill out in their vehicle, leave the vehicle to place their ballots into the electronic ballot box, and then leave the polling place.
  • Masks or other appropriate face coverings must be worn at all times and by all eligible voters and guests participating in the Special Election. If you don’t have an appropriate face covering, please contact the Election Board at any time BEFORE the day of the Special Election.
  • No gatherings of tribal members (and other visitors). Gatherings are strictly prohibited. All voters and guests participating in the Special Election must leave the polling place immediately after submitting ballots. In addition, all voters and guests must maintain at least a six (6) foot distance from others in accordance with proper social distancing guidelines. Election Board members and staff will strictly enforce these measures for the health and safety of all participating in the Special Election.
  • Certified election results will be posted outside of the Administration Building and on the Tribe’s website. For your safety, PLEASE DO NOT GATHER TO WAIT FOR THE ELECTION RESULTS. The Election Board is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and requests that you respect these rules for the safety of all of our tribal members. Those who do not comply will be asked to leave.

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