The Tribal Council is advocating very strongly on Capitol Hill and working together to ensure a future for Tribal Members by working toward establishing a permanent homeland, including a Water Settlement which will enable the Tribe to be more self-sufficient, creating new jobs, offering educational services through economic growth and allowing the Tribe the ability to apply for more funding to build homes, schools, and Health Care. The Tribal Council is working to ensure the Tribe can build the infrastructure necessary to be more self-sufficient and exercise its Tribal sovereignty. All of this is for the benefit of our people.

In the heart of our Tribal land, where the echoes of ancient stories still reverberate through the valleys, we, the council, convene on Capitol Hill. We are not here to claim power or dominance but rather to fiercely advocate for the rights and future of our Tribal members. Our vision is crystal clear - to secure a place we can call home, establish a water settlement, and pave the way for a self-sufficient future.

We have long realized the importance of having a designated land for our Tribe, a place where our traditions and heritage can flourish without fear of displacement. We understand that only with a secure base can we truly preserve our cultural identity and build a prosperous community.

But our aspirations go beyond mere land. With the water settlement, we aim to become self-sufficient, harnessing the power of our natural resources and creating jobs for our people. We envision economic growth that will provide educational services and open doors for funding opportunities. This will allow us to build schools, healthcare facilities, and homes - foundations for a thriving society.

As we advance our cause on Capitol Hill, our commitment to our Tribe burns brightly in our hearts. We are not just fighting for ourselves; we are fighting for the future generations yet to come. We know that a solid infrastructure is crucial to our journey towards self-sufficiency, and we are ready to do whatever it takes to make it a reality.

Our presence is felt on every step we take, every word we speak. Our voices echo through the chambers of power, resonating with determination and hope. We work tirelessly, crossing political divides, forging alliances, and captivating the attention of those who hold the keys to change.

But our story doesn't end there.

With each victory we achieve, we know there is still more to be done. Our mission is far from over, and we are aware that the road ahead will be filled with unforeseen challenges. Yet, we embrace the uncertainty, fueled by the unwavering belief that we are on the right path, leading our Tribe toward a brighter and more secure future.

And so, as the sun sets over our Tribal land, casting hues of orange and purple across the horizon, we remain steadfast. We leave Capitol Hill, but our spirit continues to burn brightly within us. Our tireless efforts have stirred something deep within our community - a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

The story of our Tribal council advocating strongly on Capitol Hill has only just begun. Our journey, our fight for a place to call home, for economic growth, and for self-sufficiency, has left a mark that will never fade. And as our tale circulates through the lands, it leaves the reader wondering, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in our extraordinary quest.

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