Law & Order Code of  The San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe

Title 8 Chapter 2


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§ 201 Application

A. The Tribal Council will review and approve or reject Housing Assistance Applications to ensure the following requirements are met:
1. The Housing Assistance Options offered through this Program serve specific and ongoing recognized needs of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe and its Enrolled Tribal Members.
2. The Housing Assistance Options are available to any and all Tribal Members who meet the established eligibility criteria, as set forth in this Chapter and determined by the Tribal Council.
3. The Housing Assistance applicant eligibility criteria do not discriminate or favor any Tribal Member or group of Tribal Members over any other.
B. Housing Assistance Applications shall be made available in accordance with §305 of Chapter 1 of this Title.
C. Housing Assistance Applications must be completed, including any and all required supplemental documentation before the Application will be considered an Administratively Complete Application by the Tribal Administration pursuant to Chapter 1 of this Title.
D. Administratively Complete Applications will be reviewed by the Tribal Council in accordance with § 306 of Chapter 1 of this Title.  

[Legislative History: Enacted by Resolution No. 2018-72, 10/5/2018]

§ 202 Assistance Options

A. To address the ongoing recognized needs of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe and its Tribal Members the following Assistance Options are available through the Housing Assistance Program. The Assistance Options listed in the parenthetical language are illustrative rather than an exhaustive list:

1. Housing Accessibility – such as accessibility ramps, structural modification, structural assistive devices, roof & electrical repairs and or other items needed to allow individuals better mobility and use of their home;

2. Housing Rehab, Repair and Renovation – such as major repairs that include health and safety items, such as: water, septic/sewer, electrical, plumbing, roof, heat &air, energy conservation, cabinets, termite treatment, and/or floor covering to prevent a safety/tripping hazard, walk in shower for safety and medical purposes etc.;

3. Driveway Repair – such as improved access to driveways or sidewalks for health and safety purposes or for medical necessity; and

4. Any other assistance or incentive deemed necessary by the Tribal Council to support the purpose of this Chapter and the needs and welfare of the Tribe and its Tribal Members.

B. The Tribal Council shall approve the descriptions of each of the Assistance Option and details of each option shall be include in whole or summarized as part of the Housing Assistance Application.

C. An Applicant may request more than one Assistance Option on a single application and may be approved for one option and denied another based on eligibility criteria, available funding and at the discretion of the Tribal Council, with reasonable justification.

[Legislative History: Enacted by Resolution No. 2018-72, 10/5/2018]


This online version of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe Law & Order Code is maintained by the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe. Pursuant to Tribal Council Resolution No. 2018-21, the Law & Order Code is to be posted and maintained on the Tribe’s website at all times and the Tribal Administration and General Counsel are responsible for posting newly enacted or amended laws to the Tribe’s website within thirty (30) days of their passages into law. If you have any questions regarding the version of the Code posted on this website or need to confirm that it is the most current version, please contact the Tribal Administration or the Tribe’s General Counsel.
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