Stop the Spread of COVID-19

The San Juan Paiute Tribal Council has a Duty to Warn tribal members of emergency crises. In particular, the spread of CoVID-19, pandemic.  We continue to communicate to adhere to practicing precautionary measures to follow strict protocols regarding the pandemic to stay safe and healthy as we mutate the spread of CoVID-19. The SJSPT leadership communicates that the virus is still threatening the lives of people throughout the world as well as the Indigenous Peoples and tribes. Prevention is key to the mutation of the pandemic.  Scientists have also warned that there is evidence of new cases of Coronavirus, SARS, and Delta (also known as Variants) from spreading; without vaccination, these Variants will gain momentum especially on vulnerable people.  San Juan Southern Paiute Tribal leadership urges tribal members to get vaccinated and to stay vigilant by following guidelines:

  1. Wash hands, vigorously, with soap for a least 20 seconds, and or use hand sanitizer as often as possible.
  2. Wear Mask, cover your mouth and nose, as mandated by some businesses.
  3. Continue to practice safe distance in crowded areas or events.
  4. Avoid touching your face, eye, nose, ear, and mouth.
  5. Clean and disinfect your homes and vehicles to avoid infection.
  6. We support an open dialogue among staff, families, and communities to heal from Covid-19.
  7. Prevention education is key to a virus-free home environment.
  8. Reinforce the practice of good hygiene; remind selves, family, and community members.

Prevention and Mutation Response

Our response to the mutation and prevention of Covid-19 included seeking medical attention. We provided disinfection necessities, water, and food, as well as prevention education of the pandemic, regularly to tribal members. More importantly, get VACCINATED!

We, the San Juan Paiute Tribal Council, are committed to the highest quality of health care and well-being of our tribal people.  Our primary goal is to combat the Covid-19 as we continue to foster an environment of acceptance in which our Paiute People and staff stay healthy and safe during the Pandemic.

Contact Information  

For immediate medical attention please contact your health care provider or health care facility in your area.  Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation,  928-283-2501.

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